NGO Working Group on the Security Council

The NGO Working Group on the Security Council brings together NGOs for an annual series of meetings with UN Security Council ambassadors and high-level UN officials. Since 1997, the NGO Working Group has provided this unique platform for NGOs to access the Security Council. As the Security Council's decisions affect nearly all NGO constituencies - including human rights, humanitarian relief, disarmament, governance, and the concerns of women and children - the Working Group works to maintain a diverse membership. Due in part to the diversity of its membership, the NGO Working Group does not undertake specific advocacy positions, but rather provides a forum for NGOs and members of the Security Council to come together to exchange information and build relationships for bilateral advocacy.

Currently, the NGO Working Group has members from 37 organizations and holds approximately 25 meetings per year with Council delegations and UN officials. 

Secretariat Information

Renzo Pomi, Amnesty International, Chair

Bani Dugal, Bahá'i International Community, Vice Chair

Christine Caldera
365 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5203
New York, NY 10016